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Change It Up!


If we’re not careful, our routine can turn in to a rut, and a rut is just a grave with both ends kicked out.

If you find yourself hitting a wall in your exercise or daily productivity routine, it’s time to change it up. Your mind is storing the information you’ve been feeding it, and now is anticipating your every move and response. Your mind has learned your routine and already knows what your fatigue point is. Your mind can feed you back thoughts of fatigue long before your are really fatigued, therefore cutting your workout short or hindering your daily progress.

When you begin to experience early fatigue syndrome (EFS) it’s time to change it up. Start your workout earlier or change the order of your exercise. Jump right into a project first thing in the morning rather than planning out your entire day. Go out of your way to surprise your partner with a sweet tea or a midday text to say how much you appreciate them.

Changing up your routine makes life fresh again. Change reorders the ordinary causing new neurons of hope and excitement to start firing in your brain. When the new things you implement start to become stale, change it up again.

Don’t let your life end up in a rut. Change it up!

2 thoughts on “Change It Up!”

  1. I wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone for your support of this post. I know it hit home with me as I wrote it and by the feedback it hit home with a lot of others too. Thank you all for your engagement and support! Wishing you continued blogging success! – Jeff


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