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The Greatest Product On the Market Today


In a society that always seeks the latest and greatest, the greatest product on the market today, that most often goes undetected, is YOU! Products and services are methods and means that lead to a desired result. When one product comes to market, it’s immediately obsolete at the introduction of the next version. One diet supersedes the other in just days after it’s released with claims of being, “new and improved.” Our world is always searching for a better product. But the greatest product will always be Humanity.

A product or service is a method or means to a desired result. A diet is a method to better health. A workout routine is a means to a better physique. A mobile app or software is a means to better productivity. But what would happen if there were no apps, no diets, no fads, no latest and greatest methods to the results we so crave? What would we do, or better yet, could we do, if WE were all WE have? We would have to turn inward, and there lies the greatest product of all.

You are the still the greatest product known to Mankind. You are the essence behind the invention. It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. But the invention didn’t come first, necessity did. And necessity is deep within the nature of all Humanity.

The Human Mind and Human Will are the greatest of all products on the market today. An overweight person with the will to live doesn’t need a method or a latest diet fad to get in shape. He or she gets up one morning, looks themselves in the mirror, and determines, “Enough is enough.” They exchange donuts for apples, doubts for beliefs, add a walk to their morning routine, and within a few years transform themselves!

Is it possible to transform yourself without the aid of any method, any gimmick, app or get rick quick scheme the world offers? We do need each other, and we do need invention. But the greatest of invention is birthed from within. All products and methods should enable us to discover the greatest product on the market today, ourselves.

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