Life Strategies, Productivity

Time Is Not Lost


When I ask people what holds them back from accomplishing their fitness goals, or any of their goals in life for that matter, most respond, “I can’t find the time.” Well, if you keep searching for time you will never find it. Know why? Because time is not lost. Time is not lost; it doesn’t need to be found. You don’t find time; you make time.

Time is always present; it’s what we chose to do with time that determines our future. – Jeff Crume

Begin today making time to take a 10-minute walk in the morning or evening. Take 15 minutes during your lunch hour to take a brisk walk, or a relaxing stroll, around the parking lot before returning to your desk. Take 10 minutes to tussle on the floor with your kids or read them a story before sending them off to bed.

It only takes minutes to make lasting moments; start today making yours. Stop looking for time; time is not lost.

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