Bounce Back, Restoration

Winning Is Your Birthright


Tiger Woods in striking distance at Wyndham Championship after three rounds

I’m NOW convinced things are changing for the better.

Regardless of your thoughts about Tiger Woods, or the game of golf, it’s undeniable the tenacity, discipline, pure grit and determination it takes to pick yourself up out of the gutter of utter failure, and position yourself back in contention.

You can experience failure for so long that it threatens to become your identity. As a part of the human race, you are the ONLY creature who can fail, recover, and keep recovering UNTIL you make life what you know it was designed for you to be.

Harder than failing at what you do, is failing at who you are.  If you fail at what you do you can just try something else. But failing at who you are cuts much deeper! This kind of failure seeps into the pores of your self-worth and into the very fabric of your being threatening to paralyze you for the rest of your life. Only the strong survive! Restoration and ‘resurrection’ is available to all, but experienced by few.

What is your setback? Has your life fallen apart? Have you had it all and then lost it all? Are you hiding in the shadows of shame, guilt and regret?

As Taylor says, “shake it off,” get back up on your feet, look failure in the face until it flinches, and TAKE BACK what belongs to you! It’s time for you to return to contention! Hold your head up and take your place! Wining is your birthright!

– Jeff Crume

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