Forward Thinking, Higher Thinking, Life

Living Without Lines


Can we live without lines?

Lines are boundaries we set up based on our upbringing, experience, and beliefs. We set goals, dream dreams of one day, but one day can never supersede our lines. We can dream about the “other side” but never partake in.

It takes a while in life for one to realize they have been held prisoner by their own beliefs. What makes something right or wrong? Belief that it’s right or wrong. 

If there were no speed limits, would it be “wrong” to go as fast as you want? Without “the law” there would be no limits; limits would be left up to the individual. But think about it for a moment…

Could you live without limits?

What would our world look like without lines; without limits?

I shutter at the first thought of having no law or order in my city. Who would police evil? Would there be evil?

If evil were to run its course, what would life look like on the other side?

Would limitless living – living without lines – bring out the best or worst in humanity?

If allowed to run its course, would lawlessness eventually find law? Would ruthlessness discover compassion? Would hate give way to love?

If left to ourselves, would we self-destruct or evolve?

What about you? What do you think your life would be like without limits, without lines? What lines would you remove? What lines would you keep and why?

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