Higher Living

If There Were No Stoplights

What would happen if stoplights never turned red? Heck, what if there were no stoplights at all? Would the accident rate skyrocket, or plummet?

It depends on the core of Humanity. If Humanity is “evil” at the core, double your life insurance policy and cross your fingers. If the core of humanity is “good,” proceed with caution.

Have we evolved into the people that rules and boundaries were meant for? Have we risen to our own low expectations? Can Humanity survive without rules and boundaries?

What will happen when anything and everything goes, (which is quickly approaching) and there is nothing anyone can do to change the course? Does Humanity self-destruct or evolve? If we self-destruct, who or what is next? If we evolve, who or what do we evolve into?

If stoplights never turned red, or there were no stoplights at all, would you check to see if anyone was coming and proceed with caution? Or would you close your eyes, smash the gas, and cross your fingers and hope your loved one won’t have to cash in that life insurance policy?

Entitlement can be deadly. – Jeff Crume

Is courtesy, respect, honor, and integrity a learned behavior, or standard issue? If learned, do we really want to learn? If standard issue, where’s the fruit?

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