My Journey

Should You Settle For Science?

Science Defines; Science Doesn’t Design.

To be your best self, and to live your best life, keep everything in it’s proper perspective. Many rely on Science to define what is, and rightfully so. Too many have argued what Science has proven – it makes you look silly. But Science doesn’t possess the power to design; Science only has the power to define what already has been designed.

“Science is fueled by the very source it seeks to discover.”
– Jeff Crume

YOU are MORE than meets the eye.

As long as the earth remains, Science will delve into the depths of ‘what is‘ attempting to bring greater awareness of, and give deeper meaning, reason and explanation for, existence. However, the quest for meaning, reason, or explanation would not be necessary if ‘existence‘ wasn’t already present.

The essence of what is drives Science to discover. Without what is, Science would have nothing to explore.

Don’t allow theory to reduce your Humanity to a mere equation or formula. YOU are MORE than meets the eye. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are the essence behind the explanation.

Go ahead, let ’em try and figure you out. Good luck!

– Jeff Crume

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