Crossroads, Direction, Guidance, Life Lessons

Which Way Do I Go?


CrossroadThe intersection of decision; which way do I go?

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life? That place where you have a decision to make but you are not certain as to which way to go?

You know, the kind of decision you can talk yourself into, and out of, at the same time. You spin it so many different directions, trying to look at it from all angles, that it makes your head spin.

Either way you look, you see the good, the bad and the ugly. Each option presents both obstacles and possibilities. Either choice could be the best decision, or the biggest mistake, of your life.

What choice do you make when you can rationalize for and against either option? What do you do when either choice sounds both right AND wrong, both good and bad?


Pay close attention to what pulls you; what continues to creep up in your mind and heart when you’re not thinking about it. Pay close attention to what moves you when you’re not weighing your options.

Obvious is the response you get when you first think about your choices. That’s when the feedback you get can sound both positive and negative. Ask, the question, “Which way should I go?” Give time for the obvious to filter, and then ask again. This time listen more intently. After you think you know, rest, and ask again.

What speaks to you when your mouth is closed and your mind is quiet is a clue to what choice you should make.

What tugs at you when you’re not thinking about it? What direction or choice is pulling you, calling you, or wooing you? What direction, guidance or leading do you sense running in the background – the space behind worry, doubt, contemplation, or fear.

What direction or leading do you sense behind thought? What whispers, “walk this way?”

Lastly, pose this question to yourself: What if you had to make a decision right now? 

Contemplation time is over. You no longer have the luxury of pondering all of the options, weighing all of the consequences and possibilities. Time is of the essence. Today, RIGHT NOWgood or bad, right or wrong, wise or foolish, DECIDE!

Which way do you go?

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