My Journey

Don’t Lop it Off, Just Let It Fade Away


Sitting on my front porch enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning sun, I was admiring my roses, when I noticed “the dying and the living growing together.” On one side of the plant a leaf was withering, while on the other side, a new shoot was blossoming. I wanted to go get my pruning sheers right away and lop of the dying part. I heard immediately in my heart, “Don’t lop it off; just let it fade away.” 

The same principle applies to our lives. Hurt and pain, disappointment and setback, and grief and loss can seem like that “dying” part of us that we so desperately want to “lop” off. But, just as the dying part of nature eventually fades giving way to new life, so shall new life, hope and fullness of joy spring forth in your situation.

If we try cutting away the things we would like to forget too soon, we run the risk of damaging what’s growing that we can’t yet see. The pain that is produced by the dying process is the same pain that is producing newness of life.

Don’t lop off the parts of your life that you don’t like; let them fade away. Focus on what’s growing in your life right beside what you feel like is fading. Soon the dying part will fade giving way for the new and beautiful you.

In the Sprit of Ressurection, may your day be filled with newness of life. 

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