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What To Do When J Lo Says You Gave Her “Goosies”

J Lo

What do you do when American Idol judge, J Lo, says, “You gave me goosies?” You better figure out whether she’s just being nice or really means what she says.

American Idol is classic Hollywood TV. Street performers, church singers, youtube sensations, and “no names from nowhere” gather together for a shot at superstardom. Many of the young hopefuls quickly learn that superstardom is not all what it’s cracked up to be.

We’ve all seen the raw, genuine, innocent, shy, “I just want to do this for the rest of my life” contestant pour their heart out in the audition, work their butt of in Hollywood week, sail into the live shows, get a new hairdo and set of duds, and SUDDENLY CAN’T SING. What happened? J Lo told them they gave her “goosies.”

J Lo tells them how great they did, (most of the time) Harry tells them it was their worst performance ever, (which used to be Simon’s job) and Kieth hangs out somewhere in the middle. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly – classic Hollywood TV.

When “greatness” affirms “just getting started” it can either go to your head causing you to topple, or provide a firm foundation for organic growth. – Jeff Crume

The danger is, to some of these ‘kids,’ this is not about classic Hollywood TV, at least not at first, it’s about chasing their dreams. Innocence gets quickly swallowed up by vocal coaches and stylists. Suddenly our young artist gets lost in a which-camera-do-i-look-at sea of performance and ratings, loosing their edge that got them in the top twelve to begin with. Many young artists are crushed by the same opportunity they’ve dreamed of all their lives. 

We’ve all seen great singers go home. Why? Some just are not what Hollywood is looking for. Others, I would argue, aren’t willing to sell their soul to Hollywood. They respect the feedback, sincerely desire to grow, but remain true to who they are. They refuse to be made by Hollywood. They started their journey hoping and praying one day to be discovered, not made into what someone else wants them to be.

A note to the world’s have-a-gift-want-to-be-great artists. Your gift will make room for you – whether on national television, the streets of LA, the sanctuary, or the subways of NYC. Never stop being YOU and there will always be a place for you. 

Find opportunity to inspire others with your gift, not sell your gift. Your gift isn’t for sale. Freely you have received, freely give. Don’t misunderstand, you will receive a reward for blessing the world with your gift. The reward will come. But let the reward come, don’t go chasing the reward. Do what you love to do, and the money will follow. 

Let’s face it. Hollywood is more in the business of making than discovering. Discovery might open the door and cause Hollywood to take notice, but the rest is conforming the artist to the ideals of the people who are motivated at a much different level than our young starving artist who just wants to change the world with her music. I would argue Hollywood is responsible for crushing many more dreams than they are making come true.

So, what do you do when J Lo tells says you give her “goosies?” You better figure out whether she’s just being nice or really means what she said.

If she’s just “playing Hollywood TV,” young artist, you are going to be deceived into believing you are better than what you are. Make sure you listen to Harry’s comments too, and take in Keith’s advice to keep you balanced. Be able to handle the TRUTH, because it’s the truth that sets you free. Also, make sure to develop a strong opinion of yourself so, regardless of the feedback, you can remain true to yourself while growing in your gift.

Don’t get so far away from who you’ve always dreamed to be, all in hopes to be made by someone who doesn’t even know you. Remember, not everyone who puts their arm around you genuinely cares. (Naivety is costly!) 

Closing Thoughts: In defense of J Lo, (and to avoid too much hate mail) she seems like she genuinely cares for these young artists. I wonder sometimes if she’s not “reliving” some of her own journey through the young Idol hopefuls. If she could, would she scoop them all up and take them home with her? I wonder…

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