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BerryUp With B3


The fact that I’m sitting drinking a Berry UpBEET smoothie with a shot of B3 vitamin boost at Jamba Juice is not as amazing as the fact that I rode my bike more than five miles to get it. Just three short years ago I could barely walk up a small hill to putt my ball on the eighteenth green without huffing and puffing. Wow what a difference a thought makes.

I was recalling my journey from 225 pounds to a cool 173 (on my way to 165) today with a friend, and it dawned on me that not too long ago, not only did I not even know what a Berry UpBEET smoothie from Jamba Juice was, I didn’t care. I was so self-absorbed in pity and excuses as to why my life was so wrong, I couldn’t see what was right.

Key Point: Pity keeps you pitiful

I felt more sorry for myself than I did motivated to change. So what happened?

I never forget the morning I got in the car to drive over the hill to my favorite Starbucks for coffee. I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, an older man, I’m guessing 65-70, jogging the same route I was driving. The most amazing thing was, the man had a clubbed foot. That’s right. His right foot was turned in so much it almost caused him to trip when he ran.

Can you imagine, me, a perfectly capable man in my late 40s (at the time) driving up the same hill a man with a clubbed foot was running? I don’t have to tell you how embarrassed I was. Not to mention, at the time, I was serving as a hospice Chaplain and spent my day engulfed in sickness, disease and death. You would think that alone would motivate me to take care of myself. So what happened? 

I guess you could call it critical massan idea whose time had come. The next morning at 5:00am my eyes opened, and for a split second I could see myself running up that same hill I drove all those years prior. Before I knew it, I was putting my shoes on and headed out the door. 

I made my way to the park at he end of our block. I stretched out, did a few jumping jacks to get he heart pumping, and off I went. I never looked back from that day on. Waking turned to running, running to biking, and biking to working out in the gym 3-5 times per week. I don’t know how it happened; it just happened.

I know this, I haven’t look back since. I slid into a pair of size 34 waste skinning jeans at 50 years old this year, which my kids think is really cool, and, for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to love the one looking back at me in the mirror.

How does one change? I’m not sure I have all the answers, but for me it was finding the right motivation. My mentor, Jim Rohn, used to tell me, “Reasons make the difference.” He said, “If you can find enough reasons for doing well, you can endure almost any how.”

I found a reason for my Berry Up with B3 vitamin boost that early morning over three years ago: ME. It finally dawned on me that I am the only me I’ll get to be (at least on this earth) and that if things were ever going to change for me, I needed to change.

What about you, friend? What has you motivated to make the necessary changes in your life you know you need to make to become all you know you were created to become?

I would stop what I was doing right this minute and go to work on finding the answer to that question. Everything else will fall in line. Go ahead. What are you waiting for? You’re worth it.

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