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What Sinning Eyes Can’t See

what eyes of sin can't see
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Sin can never see righteousness, and what you can’t see, you can’t be.

If you are like many who grew up in a faith tradition, you probably grew up hearing about sin. Some say we are born into sin, that the very nature of mankind is sin. “You must repent and turn from your sin,” the preacher says. But if sin is my very nature, how can I turn from who I am?

Many live life with a sin consciousness; a right and wrong, good and evil persuasion. Religion labels Man as “good” or “evil,” “lost” or “saved.” But, what if you are neither right or wrong? What if you are neither good or evil? What if you simply are?

Sin can only see from its perspective; sin. Sin can never see perfection. Sin can’t see righteousness because, through the eyes of sin, there is none righteous, no not one. Sin can’t see good because there is none good but one, that is, God. Sin can’t see anything else but sin, because it’s sin.

Sin can’t compliment; it can only condemn. Sin feeds on comparison of right and wrong. But take right and wrong, good and evil, and lost and saved from the equation, and sin is powerless.

Sin falsely holds the sinner prisoner, because what sinning eyes can never see is, “He who knew no sin became sin that you and I might be made the righteousness of God.”

Righteousness, on the other hand, sees the finished work of God in Mankind. Righteousness declares, “This is my beloved in whom I’m well pleased.” Righteousness throws a party when the wayward son or daughter returns home. Righteousness never condemns.

The mystery is: sin and righteousness coexist. The things I know that I should do, I don’t do. The things I know that I shouldn’t do, those are the things I do. Should and shouldn’t are both present in me at the same time. When I do the things I know I shouldn’t do, sin is present to condemn. When I do the things I know I should do, righteousness is present to reward. And while the battle of sin and righteousness rages, silently, and sometimes undetected, grace pardons and prevails.

So who am I? Am I righteous, or am I sin?

If I look through the eyes of sin, I am a sinner. If I see myself through the eyes of righteousness, I can begin to see myself as righteous. The looking glass you use determines what you see. You can NEVER see righteousness by looking through the eyes of sin. So maybe it’s time to change your perspective.

What lens are you looking through? What could you accomplish if you could see yourself as you really are? What sinning eyes can never see is who you truly are; you will have to determine that for yourself. But remember, what you can’t see, you can never be.

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