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Do You Need A Snickers?

Don’t make major life decisions when you are not yourself. So many times we react to situations that come up in life rather than respond to them. Responding requires us to be ourselves; in the right frame of mind weighing all possible solutions and taking all things into consideration before making a decision. Knee-jerk reactions to life’s most difficult challenges usually cause us to blow out a knee. Or worse yet, lose our marriage, hurt the ones we love or lose the opportunity we worked all of our life to secure.

The next time you are feeling a bit “punchy,” hold off on making major decisions. Give yourself a period of time to recover from the initial blow or shock. You are caught up in the drama of the situation. You’ve forgotten who you are. You need a snickers.

Wait until the dust settles; until you’ve made it through your initial emotional reaction, and then look clearly at the person or problem, and you will discover new possibilities and solutions.

“I’m glad I did” is a whole lot easier to swallow in the morning than, “I wish I would have.”

Do you need a snickers?

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