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The Enemy of Opportunity

One of the final steps to walking in the fulness of your destiny is to recognize when opportunity is your enemy.  Opportunity becomes your enemy when it leads you away from your intended purpose. The right opportunity will catapult you to your next level in life. The wrong opportunity can lead you around the mountain for another forty years.

Right before you enter in to the fullness of your intended design, pay close attention to the opportunities that appear. A new job, a partnership, an overseas transfer can all appear to be answers to your prayers. If you have been a seeker for long, by this time in your journey, you will have grown weary and tired. Opportunity will appear as water in the desert, food in the midst of the famine, but if you look closer, it’s a mirage. This opportunity is not opportunity at all; it’s your enemy.

Opportunity that diverts you from your intended purpose is not opportunity at all, it’s your enemy, and it’s after your destiny. Fatigue can blind us, fear can tempt us, and weariness can cause us to sell out.

Take a good long look at your life today, friend. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are at. Your destiny is just around the corner. I know you are fed up with where you are. But where you’ve been and where you are at right this very moment, has made you who you need to be to step into the fulness of your destiny.

Take another look at that opportunity. Does it require you to lay down your dreams, AGAIN? It’s not opportunity; it’s your enemy.

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