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What Can You Learn From Quitting?


Conquer what you keep quitting and you will finish what you started.”

Finishing what you feel like quitting is the key to accessing your next level of achievement and success. If what you feel like quitting was not so significant in you achieving your destiny, the urge to quit would not be that strong. The force of the battle that begins at your decision to implement a new idea or capitalize on a new opportunity, wouldn’t be as powerful, and surely would not come against you with such force, unless it was trying to keep you from something.

The secret to quitting, once discovered, can launch you into your next level of success and achievement.

Before searching for new ideas or opportunities this New Year, LOOK CLOSELY over the course of last year for the ideas and opportunities you started but never finished. Focus on the ideas or opportunities that, when they first came your way, you knew would be an absolute home run, but for one reason or another, you never finished them. Conquer what you keep quitting and you will finish what you started.

THERE IS A REASON WHY YOU KEEP QUITTING. Do you know what your reason is? For some it is fear, for others it may be resources, and yet for others their reason(s) remain “undisclosed.” Whatever the reason is for you not finishing what you start, discover it, confront it, and conquer it, and you will “level up.”

Level up, is a gaming term used to describe a player of a video game who has earned enough experience points to acquire a new level in a skill or skills. Often is accompanied by the ability to wield new weaponry, access new places, or begin new assignments.

Conquering what you keep quitting is your secret to leveling up in 2015. Write down the top three ideas you had or opportunities you came across in 2014 that you started but never finished, and make them your TOP priority in 2015.

Finishing the unfinished is the key to opening the door to a brand new level of success and achievement for you this year. Your next level is waiting on you! It’s time for you to level up. Conquer what you keep quitting and you will finish what you started!

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