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4 Things That Will Ruin Your 2015

What if what is holding you back is actually something you are holding on to?

As you approach the New Year, dedicate yourself to resolving and reconciling the past. Don’t take anything into next year that doesn’t produce. If it reminds you of yesterday but doesn’t produce for tomorrow, let it go. Don’t spend a moment in 2015 remembering 2014 unless it’s productive.

Here are FOUR THINGS you need to reconcile before the close of 2014.

1. Your value.
Reconcile your value and self worth. Resolve, once and for all, that you are valuable and that you contribute value. Let go of last year’s flops and flip 2015 into something terrific by reconciling your value and worth.

2. Failure & Past Mistakes.
Let go of who and what you think didn’t work. What you think “fell through” was not your assignment, it was your development. Resolve that 2014 shook out exactly the way it was designed to.

Sure, you didn’t win as many times as you planned, you didn’t grow as you thought you might, but everything you went through MADE YOU who you are today. You are now ready. 2014 prepared you for 2015. It’s your time now.

3. Relationships.
Don’t carry people into next year. If relationships don’t benefit you, part company. Don’t try and make friendships out business relationships. See relationships as strategic opportunities. Bring value to the table, but take value from the table as well.

4. Rescue Mindset
“He ain’t coming.” I got off the plane in Alabama where I was speaking at a weeklong conference a few years back, and as I walked down the jet way I heard in my heart, “Tell them he ain’t coming.” I’ve adopted this mindset ever since. Here it is. NO ONE IS GOING TO RESCUE YOU.

Taylor Swift, during one of her interviews, talked about how she sought out her big break, she didn’t wait for her break to come to her. In 2015 you have to resolve that you are not waiting for anyone or anything any longer. You are what you’ve been looking for. “If it’s going to be its up, to me.”

As you approach the New Year and begin making your New Year resolutions, consider reconciling these and other areas of your life. Before you can resolve to do more with what’s in front of you, you need to reconcile what’s already behind you.

What if what’s holding you back is actually something you are holding on to?

Let go so you can grow!

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