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The Greatest Gift I Could Give My Family

Thankfulness makes the world go around; at least in my world. Looking back over 2014, I see that I have been striving for a lot of things; some I’ve accomplished and some I haven’t. But if you were to add all of my material possessions and accomplishments together over this past year, none would compare to my family. In fact, you could add up all of my possessions and accomplishments over my lifetime, and they still wouldn’t compare to my family.

Family is laughing together, watching cheesy movies, and eating homemade caramel corn. Family is hitting baseballs to my boys and watching their eyes light up when they make a great play. Family is comforting each other when we don’t get the lead role in our favorite theater production. Family is listening to the excitement of the school day and after school activities. Family is understanding that we don’t always get it right.

Family is being there for each other. Family is sharing a walk together. Family is frantically racing out the door for school in the morning so you won’t be late; knowing the next day will be the same. Family is love. Family is unpacking Christmas decorations and getting ready for the holidays.

Family is carrying the youngest child upstairs to bed after he falls asleep ten minutes into the movie he wanted to watch. Family is taking time to listen. Family is being frustrated at each other and still loving and respecting one another. Family is taking off of work early just to hang out. Family is getting away from it all and learning each other’s name again. Family is watching everyone grow up; even Mom and Dad. This list could go on forever, because the magic of family is forever.

The greatest gift I could give my family this year, is the gift of being there. Being present is the greatest present. This holiday season make the reason for the season, family.

Celebrate family. What does family mean to you? Leave us a glimpse of what family means to you in the comment space below.

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