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How To Write A Best Seller

Best-sellerThe best book ever written is the one that’s first lived. If you are writing a book and trying to teach others what you haven’t experienced yourself, only in theory, stop writing the book. Live it first, then ink it.

Every great book has a beginning, a middle, and an end. If you are struggling with writing your book right now, maybe it’s because you haven’t lived out your ending. You’ve started, you’ve confronted opposition, and maybe you have even overcame that opposition, but you are still making your way across the finish line. You have passed the test but still don’t have a testimony.

Your restoration is the final chapter that will sell your book. Not just how you got started or how you got back up after getting knocked down, but also how you finished. You have to have enough fruit to warrant readership. Many can write about their dreams and difficulties, but few can write about the dream, the difficulties AND the “gold medal” all in the same story. When you can, you are well on your way to a best seller.

If you are experiencing writer’s block, try putting down your pen and putting on your shoes. Keep walking out your dream. Keep gathering experiences and testing theory until you begin producing enough fruit in your life to warrant someone’s attention. Then, live out your ending first. Enjoy being the book before writing the book. Let your own story sink down deep within your soul and motivate and inspire you before you try motivating and inspiring someone else with it. The more you believe in your book, the more others will believe it, and the more chances your book will have in being a best seller!

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