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Circumcision: The Key To Self-Mastery

My wife led our family meeting this past Sunday and shared this revelation about circumcision. We have four children: two teenage girls, 16 and 14, and two boys, 11 and 8. The impact was profound. I hope you can discover truths from it that you can apply to your life, business or family that could have the same impact.

Under the Old Covenant, rules and regulations governed the people. “Circumcision,” under the Old Covenant, meant someone else had to cut away a part of you to tell you who you are. Male Hebrew children, as recorded in scripture, at the age of eight days were circumcised to identify them. When Joseph was raised to power in Pharaoh’s Palace, it was his circumcision that revealed who he truly was to his father and family. On the outside he looked like an Egyptian, but underneath revealed his true identity.

Under the New Covenant, we are to circumcise our own hearts. We are truly living under the New Covenant when we can circumcise our own hearts – cut away something of ourselves that doesn’t belong, because we know who we are. We no longer need someone else doing it to us (demanding it of us) we do it ourselves.

Self-Circumcision is evidence of maturity.

The Prodigal Son shifted from Old Covenant to New Covenant but had to experience a crisis to do it. Sometimes we have to go through a crisis to cause this transformation to happen in our hearts; to cause the shift from Old Covenant law to New Covenant relationship. Jesus has provided it for us with His crisis. We just need to accept it and shift from old to new in our own lives. I don’t know why that’s harder for some than for others. Some seem to have to learn the hard way while others accept and follow willingly.

Why do you kick against the goads? A goad is the sharp point on the end of a stick that kept the oxen moving forward in the direction that the one leading them wanted them to go. If the oxen tried going against his Master’s wishes, the goad would pierce him causing pain. The harder the oxen fought against, the more pain the goad would inflict.

My wife explained to our children that the harder they resist or fight against instruction and guidance, the harder the instruction and guidance becomes; to both give and to follow. The more you resist the process the harder the process becomes. (There is joy for the one who learns the art of “yielding.”)

The more you resist the process, the harder the process becomes.

We must live under the Law until we are able to shift to the New Covenant consciousness on our own. Christ came to fulfill the Law, not abolish it. If we (mom and dad) allow you (children) to not fulfill the law – to not go through the whole process of transformation, but instead allow you to just walk in a new covenant without a true understanding and commitment to the relationship that is required of it – we end up hurting you.

The entire New Covenant is summed up in this: 1. Love God. 2. Love others as yourself. When you can do this you have fulfilled the Law; you have self-circumcised your heart. You’ve moved from law to relationship, from you to others. The Old Law is about you, the The New Law is about others.

You can’t force the new covenant upon people; they must choose. That’s why we sometimes have to go back to the law. You MUST have a covenant. If you are not able to circumcise your own heart (receive the New Covenant) then you are forced to live under the Old Law.

The same with parenting. We want you (our children) to choose the New Covenant. It is not about you. When your world revolves around you, you are living in the Old Covenant and we (as your parents) are “forced” to treat you in accordance with the Old Covenant.

Letting you live in the New Covenant with an uncircumcised heart will destroy you.

Letting you live in the New Covenant with an uncircumcised heart will destroy you. You will end up like the Prodigal Son, and sooner or later have to experience your own crisis to open your eyes to Truth. We, as parents, want you to experience as much of your crisis as possible in the safety of home. The more you learn here the less you will have to learn “there.”

Now I say, That the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all; But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father. – Galatians 4:1-2


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