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Top 10 Characteristics Of Entrepreneurs

Great read on what it means to be an Entrepreneur!

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Anyone can start a business, but there are several qualities that most successful entrepreneurs have.  Here are the Top 10 Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs…

10.  Desire For Responsibility

Entrepreneurs have a strong desire for responsibility.  They are action oriented and they take responsibility for their actions and decisions, which ultimately effect their entrepreneurial ventures.  Successful entrepreneurs don’t play the blame game.  They accept responsibility for the outcomes of choices they made.

9.  Confidence In Their Ability To Succeed

Successful entrepreneurs have confidence in their ability to succeed.  They believe in themselves, their mission, and their purpose.  This confidence helps them get through the struggles and difficulties when things don’t go as they planned…and trust me, things don’t go as planned.

8.  Desire For Honest Feedback

This is one of the most important qualities for entrepreneurs to have.  In order to be successful you have to be open to receiving honest feedback about…

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