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Back-2-School Survival Kit

Bear Grylls Survival KitBear Grylls recommends keeping a knife, an emergency whistle, waterproof matches and a few other basic survival kit items with you at all times to help you successfully navigate your way through the wilderness. What if your wilderness is your Freshman year of High School?

Here are a few Back-2-School Survival Kit Must-haves that will help you successfully navigate your way through this new school year.

  1. FRIENDSHIP – There is nothing like a good friend to pull you out of a mess, or keep you from falling into one. Strengthen friendships from last year, and venture out and form new friendships this year. Also, look for opportunities to be a friend this year. You never know when you will need a friend.
  2. RESPECT – Be nice to people who are not like you. You don’t have to hang out with everyone, but the fewer enemies you have the greater your survival rate is. Respect people who are not a part of your click. You never know when you might just need some help from someone who doesn’t look like you.
  3. COMMON SENSE – Be smart. Fly straight. Prevent disputes and arguments by not falling for them. Avoid confrontation at all cost. Use your head. If it looks like a trap, it is; don’t fall for it, just walk away.
  4. BELIEF – You got this! You are all that AND a bag of chips. This year is your year to show the world your stuff. Believe in your gift. Believe in your self. Believe in your school, your teachers and your friends. Believe that you CAN make a difference on your campus this year regardless of the challenges you might face.
  5. DEDICATION – Give this year your ALL! You can’t scale half of the mountain; you have to make it to the top. Finish what you start. Hold yourself accountable. See yourself crossing the finish line. Raise the bar on your campus. Hold true to what you know to be right. Set your sights on your goals and don’t look back.
  6. PRAYER – The greatest tool you have in your survival kit is prayer. Prayer is calling on a Power and Force outside of yourself to help you in your time of need. Hold true to your faith. Pray for your school leaders. Pray for your parents. Pray for your friends. Don’t let others around you dictate how your life will be. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. Never underestimate the power of prayer.
  7. COURTESY – Be kind to those around you. Look for others who don’t quite fit in and make them feel like they do.

This year is going to be your BEST year ever. These are just a few back-to-school survival kit must-haves that will help you successfully navigate your way through this new school year.

b-Smart! b-Proud! b-Safe! b-You!

Jeff is available to speak at your next school, community, business, or faith-based event. Visit for more details.

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