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Could Acceptance Be Killing You?


I like me just the way I am, and you should too.”

We are acceptance crazed these days. We are to be acceptant of a person’s race, their religion, their body piercings and markings, their sexual preference or orientation, their language, the volume of their voice in a public restaurant, their social preferences, their life style; the list goes on and on. “Don’t judge,” we preach. Everyone has a right to look, feel and live the way they want, right?

Sure, I buy that. We should accept people where they are at. But, what if where you are at is killing you? Should Truth be silenced by one’s right to choose? Should Truth remain silent while acceptance slowly destroys human potential? Avoidance often masquerades as acceptance. Hurt, pain, fear, loneliness, and depression all live behind the banner of acceptance. “I love myself just the way I am.” Yes, but what if the way you are is killing you?

Acceptance can kill you. If you are 250 pounds overweight and reciting your mantra, “I love myself just the way I am,” you’re deceived and don’t know it. You are going love yourself to death. You are going to eat your way to an early grave, and most likely never accomplish what you were put on this earth to accomplish. Yes, accept me for who I am, but love me enough to tell me the truth!

If we keep telling ourself something long enough we will believe it. When secretly, way down deep inside, we hate where we’re at in life but are too afraid or too embarrassed to admit it so we hide behind the lie that we’ve “come to terms” with where we are at. This is just how I was made.”

Acceptance of where you are at could be killing you and you don’t even know it. You can’t see Truth for the bantering and push for acceptance. Someone needs to love us enough to tell us we shouldn’t do that to ourself. Lying to yourself under the premise of acceptance is foolish.

Take a good look in the mirror. Are you who you want to be? If you answer yes, then ask yourself this next question. Are you who you were designed to be? Don’t know who you were designed to be? I suggest searching out the answer before accepting where you are at. Don’t accept an alternative lifestyle before discovering the one you were created to live.

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