Life, Self-Help

Saying Goodbye Way Too Soon

Robin Williams / 1951-2014

By now, the shocking news of the death of Robin Williams has spread all over the world. Words like depression, addiction, alcoholism, and suicide seem to somehow eclipse the talent and gift that touched us all. The question on the mind of so many is, how could such a talented and successful person experience such hopelessness that he would take his own life? Whether we will ever know the depth of the answer to that question, one thing is for sure, Robin’s death has opened the eyes of many; mine included.

In light of Robin’s death, I’m reminded of a deeper meaning and purpose of why I do what I do. Speaking and ministering is not just a “job” or “profession.” It’s not about money, fame or fortune. Using the gift The Creator has given me to inspire, motivate and empower others has always been about CHANGING and SAVING lives.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue, AND the mind. Robin’s apparent suicide, as a result of overwhelming “hopelessness,” reinforces in my own mind and heart today the priceless value of HOPE. Each day we have an opportunity to impart HOPE. We change our world with HOPE. We can reach and touch a human soul leaving it better than when we found it through the power of HOPE.

As you live out your life today, whatever job or profession or capacity you serve humanity in, sure, sell your product or service, build your network, increase your reach; but also be sure and serve up an extra helping of HOPE along the way. You never know when the person standing in front of you needs HOPE more than anything else. HOPE is still the greatest cure for whatever ails you.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

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