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Stop the Madness


Instantly my heart is racing, my palms are sweaty and this internal rage bursts forth. I’ve been here before plenty of times, but why again? What is it that I keep running into that produces such waring in me?

We cringe and shutter most, sometimes with fear, torment and even rage, when we come face to face with our greatest breakthrough. When we are faced with an opportunity that demands our genius – our real genius, the genius that’s beyond where we are at this moment – the battle begins. Can I really deliver? Don’t they know who I am? Of course I can deliver. Can’t I? Will they like me? What will they think of me?

The battle isn’t with people or with the opportunity that’s in front of you; the battle is with yourself. You, the old you, is waring with the new you. The you that you were created to be, the you who has been held back, pushed down, and overlooked, the one who has been practicing all their life and who knows they can deliver, is fighting with the one who has grown accustom to failure and setback.

What will you do? Will you tuck your tail and run? Will you puff out your chest and try to prove? Or will you “humble” yourself in the face of the opportunity one more time thinking somehow that because you are so stinking humble someone will take notice and reward you? News flash – they won’t.

Alan Weiss, a kick butt, in your face, make you want to spit, business consultant says, if you lean too much on the side of affection, you will be well liked but not respected, and being respected is what builds business. I’m a firm believer that you are your first and hardest sell. If you can’t sell yourself on your own value, you will never sell your worth and value to anyone else. If you can’t sell your value to anyone else, your genius is wasted.

What are you staring in the face today that has your heart racing and energy surging? What do you know you can do, should do, but are still worried about what people will think of you if you follow through? Today is your day to be free. Look your opportunity square in the face and say what you want to say. Don’t back down. If you do you will have to wait for yet another opportunity. This isn’t about whether or not you will get this opportunity; this is about opening a whole new world of opportunity.

Be true to yourself! Be who you were created to be. If not now, when. If not you, who?

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