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Prophetic? You Be The Judge


During my early morning time this past week, after visiting with my brother who I hadn’t seen in several years, the following “word” came to my heart to share with him. My older brother is an extremely successful businessman and entrepreneur who has recently experienced a prolonged season of set back. So long, that he was beginning to doubt in his talents and wonder if things would ever change. (I think many of us can relate.)

I also shared this with a select group on Facebook and it instantly out performed all of our other posts. Is it “prophetic?” I don’t know about that, but I know I was certainly compelled to share it. You be the judge. Read it. Ponder it. See if it resonates with where you find yourself right now. If it does, share it with someone you know who could use a word of encouragement.

“Keep this in your heart from now on. It was never about destination, it was all about preparation. What you’ve been through will begin making sense. What makes sense will give way to meaning and purpose for the pain. It won’t fill your pocketbook right away, but meaning and purpose for why, will ignite new hope, fresh perspective and motivation to move forward.

It’s the seven skinny cows and the seven fat ones. You have had ONE season of skinny cows. Even your success was skinny. It’s all been ONE big period – the good, bad, and ugly – all in ONE. NOW you will enter into your seven fat years – smarter, wiser, more prepared. Each decision will yield greater fruit because it’s seasoned by both a taste of success and failure.

PS – Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to new ideas do doing what you do. You are old school but you live in a new world. Love you!! – Jeff

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