Inspiration, Out of the Box

Too Much Inspiration Can Be Deadly


I was scouting the Internet in search of the latest website that would inspire me. I came across this great site. I clicked through the links, starting making notes of everything the expert was sharing, but stopped all of a sudden, and right there on the spot started having this mini melt down. Tears started streaming down my cheeks, my bottom lip started quivering, I felt the rage and anger start to boil down deep inside, and then I blurted out, “I’M SO TIRED OF BEING INSPIRED!

Being inspired can be dangerous! Too much inspiration can even be deadly!

Inspiration should inspire you to go higher; to find and fulfill your dreams, but it should not cause you to feel guilty or ashamed of where you are. Too often we become depressed trying to be inspired. We look at everyone else’s stuff, and then look back at our own. We look at everyone else’s stuff, then look back at our own; and when we’re done, we rip our stuff up, throw it away, and conclude everyone else is a success but us.

Stop the madness! 

Remember, no one starts at the top. The experts that we look to for inspiration searched for their own inspiration at one time. They started exactly where you and I did! Today, if you find yourself stumbling over your own value and worth, stop looking else where for inspiration; it could be killing your dream. Look inward. Examine your own success, celebrate your own accomplishments, and keep working on where you’re at while you on the way to where you want to be. You will get a lot more done and be a lot happier person along the way.

Remember, being inspired can be dangerous; too much inspiration can even be deadly.

(c) 2014, jeffcrume

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