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Play? Or Play to Win!

Play to Win

Life is about playing the game, right? But, if you continue to play a game that you never win, you eventually stop playing. What’s the point?

At first, life is about playing the game; it’s about perfecting your skills, learning to get along with others in the game. It’s about building character that serves humanity and yourself. But sooner or later life is about winning.

As noble as it may sound to be last all the time, you were never created to be last. Last is a choice. I’ll say that again. Last is a choice. Loosing, poverty, living beneath your means is a psychologically learned behavior reinforced by negative community, family or by the false perception of moral duty or religious obligation. Get up out of that muck! 

You’ve been humble. You’ve proven your selfless love for humanity. You’ve passed the test of pride and arrogance. Now it’s time for you to shine; it’s time for you to win!

Turn your life around today and begin winning by acting on these three simple principles:

1. Give Yourself Permission to Win

Winning is a choice. You will only climb as high in life as you give yourself permission to climb. There is nothing wrong with you making a boatload of money, touring the world, living life to the fullest, and helping make the world you live in a better place. Give yourself permission to win.

2. Desire to Win

Desire is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Take the first few minutes and the last few minutes of everyday to spend with your desires. See yourself unlimited, uninhibited, living a fulfilled life. Harness that desire. Capture that moment. Tell yourself, “This is the real me.” It will change your life. Desire to win.

3. Recognize & Celebrate Your Success

Recognize and celebrate your progress. When you know you’ve done well, tell yourself you’ve done good. Feel how good it feels to feel good, and celebrate that feeling. Recognize and celebrate your successes.

Your time has come. Your season to come in second is over. Open your mind to the vas opportunities and possibilities that await you, that are deep within you. It’s your time now. Don’t just play; play to win!

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