Go Deep

Deep is calling your name! Don’t allow overwhelm to immobilize you. Don’t get so settled in the comfort of shallow that you let go of your reach for the deep. There is another level; a deeper dimension for you and your gifts.

Stop expecting where you’re at to see who you really are, and somehow make a way for that real you – it will NEVER happen. Where you are can’t see where you are going; it’s only where you are going that can see you coming.

Where you are is simply making you; refining you for where you are going. Use where you’re at as a launching platform for where you desire to go.

Make some kind of effort today to connect to where you want to go while you are still where you are. Call New York. Make a friend or a colleague on the other side of the planet. Begin seeking out opportunities and developing door-opening relationships that will receive you when you are ready to launch out.

Don’t drown in shallow water; you are meant for SO MUCH MORE. Deep is calling your name.

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