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#nsa2014 TakeAway 01

“Get Over Yourself”
Sean Stepheson (that’s Sean on the right) said this during his time with us at NSA Perform 2014 conference in San Diego. “Ego is thinking you can change anybody.”

It’s not what you do that amazes people; it’s who you are. “People don’t really care what you do until they know who you are.” Yet, the #1 question asked of me, and by me, at the conference was, “So, what do you do?” The more I was asked the question, the more I struggled to answer.

Struggle can point to insecurity, struggle can reveal uncertainty; or struggle can simply be where you are at right now.

“Be ok with where you are while on your way to who you want to be,” is the message I took with me. And by the way, if you need some help to get over yourself, check out

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