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A critic is someone who expresses an unfavorable opinion of something. A critic finds fault with everything. You can never please a critic. Why? Because critics are not designed to be pleased. A critic finds pleasure in finding fault. A critic’s identity is defined by what they find wrong. A critic can never, and will never, find what’s right.

You and I are our own worst critics. It’s not others who make us feel bad about ourselves, it’s us. It’s not others who find what’s wrong in us, it’s ourselves. We do most of the talking. We do most of the fault finding on our own. Blame and shame is something we impose on ourselves. Here’s a key: What we think someone else is thinking about us is really the way we think about ourself.

Prove it out to see if it’s true. The next time you think someone is thinking a certain way about you, ask them. That’s right, go right up to that person and ask them.

I have been feeling lately that I’ve done something to offend you, is that true?

I feel like you are not very satisfied with my presentation, is that right?

“I feel like you think I look fat in this dress, is that true?

If you are going to stop the madness, you have to confront your own critic. Challenge that heckler in your head. Make it prove to you that what it’s trying to convince you of is true. Once you call out your critic, and you truly see that you are not as deficient as you have been made to believe, tell yourself to SHUT UP!

Stop the insanity! Confront the heckler in your own head. Recognize and accept that you are the only one holding you back or setting you free. Tell your critic to shut up, then move on! It’s time for you to be free.

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