My Journey

Leave Your Layers


Like an onion, your life is made up of layers. Each layer adds significant value, worth and taste. Each layer is simply an experience, or an experiment, or an attempt to find your way. You would not be who you are today if you were not who you were yesterday. Your layers have made you; don’t throw them away. Don’t try and erase them.

Every person I’ve counseled at the time of their death, has confessed that there was something they wished they could have changed; something they wished they could have done differently. We all have something. I’ve learned it’s not what we do differently that makes such an impact on our life, it’s what we do from this point on.

Progressive is the key to living an exceptional life. Have you done things in your life that you wish you would have never done? Do you have a few things in your life that you wish you could change? You can’t change them but you can grow from them.

Consider your yesterday as the schoolmaster of your tomorrow. Look back only to glean nuggets of truth, wisdom, that will catapult you into your future. Silence the voice of guilt and shame so you can glean from the voice of wisdom. Wisdom is simply knowledge applied. If you have layers, you have wisdom. Pick up and move on from here.

If you removed one layer of your life, you wouldn’t be the you that you are today. We don’t get to pick and choose what we take out of our lives or what we leave in, but we do get to chose what we put in from this point on. Stop wasting time trying to change what can’t be changed. Stop trying so hard to take away the things in your life you wished you’d never done. Leave your layers; they have defined you, they have created you to be who you are. Now build on them.

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