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#093 Take This Job and Do What?

Take This Job
Take This Job & Do WHAT?

My mentor, Jim Rohn, taught me that the most important question to ask on the job is not, “What am I getting?” The most important question to ask is, “What am I becoming.” Don’t like your job? Think of it this way. Monday through Friday, sometimes on the weekends, someone pays you money to become who you’ve been created to be. I don’t think it gets much better does it? A “J.O.B.” is Just an Opportunity to Become. Change the way you see it so you can learn from it.

In crisis intervention we help people shoulder the weight of their crisis and recover more quickly by helping them “reframe” their perspective of what happened to them.  We help them to find and focus on hope rather than loss. Life IS 100% how you see it. In fact, everything is how you see it. How you see it is how it will be.

Begin looking at your JOB as just an opportunity to become. Practice your communication skills. Work on your time management. Enhance your negotiation skills. Learn from your colleagues rather than trash talk them around the water cooler. Be on the look out for key systems within your company that you could improve. Help someone improve their bottom line, and one day someone will help you improve yours.

It’s imperative that you keep in mind the way you serve others is the way others will serve you. The way you perform for your company today will be the way your employees perform for you. It’s the Law of cause and effect. Everything that goes around comes around.

Make a list starting today of all of the things you need to know to one day run your own business, and then every week collect a paycheck while you learn how to become who you were ultimately created to be. Now, that’s a J.O.B.Just an Opportunity to Become.

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