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When Life Sits On You

when live sits on you
When Life Sits On You

When Life sits in the middle of your chest and demands that you still breath and perform, you learn to adapt quickly. After you open your eyes and realize you haven’t died, you develop a resistance to the resistance. You adapt to the pressure that Life has placed on you. You function, but barely.

When Life leaves you barely breathing for extended periods of time, you can begin to wonder if this is the way it’s going to be forever. After all, you’re functioning, right? Sure it’s not at the level you’ve always dreamed of, but at least you are alive, right? At least you have a job, right? At least you have a roof over your head, food on the table and clothes on your back, right? But you were not born for barely enough, you were born for more than enough; pressed down, shaken together and running over is your portion, right?

This weight you carry in the middle of your chest is heavy, but you’ve adjusted and made room for it. After all, you can still breathe, right? Barely, but barely is still breathing, right? You’ve learned how to operate with it. You’ve adjusted. You’ve lowered your expectations a bit and ratcheted down your hopes and dreams. After all, your capacity to breath has been greatly diminished by the weight life has dropped in the middle of your chest.

I have news for you. The way you are now is not the way you are staying. Your adaptation to what you have been through is admirable. The fact that you can still breath with this enormous weight in the middle of your chest is commendable, but friend, this isn’t the final you. You don’t have to carry this weight around any longer. Your resurrection time is now!

What has held you down can hold you no longer. Your oppression has an expiration date. You have outlived your tragedy. Every trial has an expiration date. Every setback has a set time; a time to let you go. Your resurrection has been activated and it’s simply a matter of time before your stone is rolled away and you come forth in your finished form.

Resurrection is a part of everyone’s destiny. Remember, resurrection is not activated until death occurs. It’s when we get to the end of our self and figuratively die that we are resurrected. Death prepares us for resurrection. Without death, resurrection isn’t available. Resurrection is only for the dead. You don’t need to resurrect the living.

You are not suffocating, although it feels like it. You’ve actually learned to adapt to your new limitations. You’ve learned to breathe shallow. But those limitations are coming off of you. And when they lift, you are going to skyrocket. The level of your achievement and success will be as a time lapsed video. Every effort will produce blessings, and every blessing will be multiplied. Take heart, your time hasn’t ended; it’s only begun. – Jeff Crume

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