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What Is On the Other Side of Silence?

Silence_by_KARRRIf you are going to get where you are headed, you have to know where you are going. In order to know where you are going you have to find time to plot your course. Plotting your course requires focus, which in today’s society seems to be a lost art.

Focus requires an inner silence and fortitude to push past all the “chatter” until you reach the inner sanctum of silence. Everything today wants your attention – the computer, cell phone, family, friends, email, tablets, social media, television, workplace; there is an uninterrupted stream of stimuli demanding our immediate, and many times, uneducated response.

Not only does this stimuli demand our attention, it’s defining our value and worth. The more followers the more perceived importance. Of course the more customers must mean you are doing something right, right?

How can silence become your guide when you have trained yourself to respond to the ever-increasing stimuli of the days racing pace?

Is silence enough? Is there any value in silence? Would you be content without a constant barrage of stimuli pounding on your last nerve? How content would you be if everyday for the rest of you life was filled with pure silence?

Is “noise” a ploy to keep us from reaching a world unknown? Is all the noise just a strategy to clutter the infrastructure of humanity keeping us so busy that we lose the value and meaning of life? “Ships passing in the night.”

Have you seen a butterfly lately? How about a humming bird? Have you had your eye on a sparrow lately? Better yet, when is the last time you saw your children, or your spouse? Heck! When is the last time you’ve noticed yourself? Do you even know how old you are? Are you even aware of how much of life has slipped by you?

If you don’t notice today you won’t recognize tomorrow.

Most people wait until tomorrow becomes yesterday to stop and take notice that a day passed right before ether eyes and they didn’t even know it. Most people don’t recognize yesterday until they only have today to live. Aren’t you maxed out yet? When is enough enough? How much more input can you possible process?

The first part of life we seem to want to gather as much as we can – knowledge, possessions, children, money. We are in a race to get ours at all cost. Another YouTube video on the website, another thousand followers on Facebook, another wing on the house, another division in the European market. When you get to the point in life where there is now more of life behind you than there is in front of you, you begin to reevaluate what’s really important.

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “What for?” Why do you do what you do? Why do you chase what you ————– [silence] ————– (a couple just walked by outside the Starbucks where I’m writing this post. The Dad was carrying a little girl on his shoulders who took notice of me tucked in the corner. She glanced my way long enough to flash a smile at me. I subtly returned a quick wink, all undetected by mom and dad and the world around us. It all kind of happened in slow motion. It seemed, but for a moment, as if we were the only two people on the planet. ———-

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “What for?” Why do you do what you do? Why do you chase what you are chasing? What could we discover if we listened more than we talked?

Have you noticed a sparrow today?

What is on the other side of silence?

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