My Journey

Ya,’ But What About the Cost?

I’m not sure anyone who has ever looked back over their journey to destiny would have ever started the journey to begin with if they would have truly considered the costs. Yet again, I’m not sure one could ever truly know what destiny costs until you begin paying the bills that come due.

Hours alone, scared and exhausted – paid-in-full.

Hungry, desperate, confused, tormented – paid-in-full. Sleepless nights, broken relationships, fights with the ones you love the most – paid-in-full. Miserable jobs, broken down cars, empty promises – paid-in-full. The highest of highs, the lower of lows, unbearable emotional, physical and mental fatigue – paid-in-full. Loneliness – paid-in-full.

No one can really tally the cost of destiny; it’s too difficult to consider for too long the actual price you’ve paid. You somehow close your eyes to the costs in fear that if you look too long and hard you won’t keep pursuing what you know you were put on this earth to pursue.

Yet somehow, you do still keep pursuing; and even harder. The possibility of what could be seems to cancel out the price of what is. You hold your son close, desperately wanting him to know your unquestionable love for him. You wrestle your way through another sleepless night, and at daybreak you dive head first into another day believing with everything you have in you that today could be the day that makes it all worth it.

“Today is my day,” you declare with all honesty and all sincerity, as another past-due notice slides gently by on the way to the kitchen to get breakfast before going off to school.

“Where did all these bills come from anyway? I just paid these!” You say to yourself.

What about the costs? Can you afford them?

That’s not even a fair question to pose to a person of destiny because destiny doesn’t see costs, only sacrifices and investments.

Even though the odds are stacked against him, destiny looks in the eyes of those he loves and declares, “one day, son, one day real soon, I’ll make this all right. I love you more than you will ever know,” and out the door destiny goes to pay his bills and make good on his promises.

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