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Am I Being Held Back? Or Am I Afraid To Move Forward?

Am I being “called back” or am I afraid to move forward_ (1)

The most difficult decision you will make in your life is the decision to move forward.

Especially when there is still doubt about whether you should leave, or have left, the place you’re in, we’re in, to begin with.

Allegiance Is Keeping You Stuck.

How long will you be between two opinions? I’ve seen people at the end of their life still stuck. Sure they had a business, a family; they were able to cross a few finish lines, put a few trophies in their case, but they never knew if they were running the right race — or better said, their race.

You must be certain the race you’re running is yours; of your own volition. Every other effort will always disappoint.

The Apostle Paul in the Christian Bible said, “I’ve ran MY race, I’ve finished MY course, and NOW there is laid up for me a crown.”

Your Race. Your Course. Your Crown. It’s the only way to live and die completely fulfilled!

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Just Because It Isn’t Working Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Meant To Work

Destiny Quote

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose.”

Have you ever found yourself at odds with a person you believed was a divine connection? Have you ever struggled to find your place in a job or a business that you knew was meant for you?

Even the best laid plans, divine connections, and opportunities of a life time, can fail outside of “Timing,” “Synchronicity,” if you please.

Just because “it” isn’t working, doesn’t mean it’s not meant to work.

Before you throw away what you’ve been praying your entire life for, consider that it may be ‘right;’ it just may not be the right time.

“Destiny is the deliberate fulfillment of purpose at the divinely appointed time.” – Jeff Crume

Trust the reason that brought you to this place, to this person, to this opportunity, in the first place. Don’t fall into the trap of indifference and miss the purpose of destiny.

You were meant to meet; you just have to get through what you don’t like about each other to discover what brought you together to begin with.

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If Humanity Had An Enemy

If Humanity had an enemy, the Ego would certainly be it.

That which tempts us is the same that judges us after we indulge. That which prods us to push past comfort’s edge is the same that convinces us we’re not courageous enough to leap. And it is the same, then, that condemns us for remaining…the same.The Ego demands, judges, ridicules, bullies, twists, convicts and condemns; rendering Humanity, at times, helpless in its grasp. What a miserable vicious cycle. Who will free us from this incessant enemy?Closer look reveals that the Ego is nothing more than a ‘pretender‘; smoke and mirrors, a ‘Great Wizard‘ who hopes you never look behind the curtain. The Ego doesn’t have to fight to win; it just needs to convince you that you do. All the while, the Victor – You – stands silently by, fully equipped and poised for battle just waiting your orders; orders that only you can give. The orders are not to fight, but to stand, and not just stand, but STAND UP!The Ego is a bully, and like with every bully once you stand up to it, it shrinks back to its own pitiful insecure self, sulking off looking for another insecure victim to taunt and torment. A bully will only bully you as long as you let them.

How much has your Ego cost you?

How much money has your Ego cost you? How much precious time has your Ego stolen from you? It’s time to stand up and push back. You are the Victor, not the victim. You have the power within to defeat this enemy once and for all. Who will free us from this incessant enemy? You will! I will! We will!